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Cozy Living Room

John S., York, PA

I love WHS! They saved me $1000 on my new unit in my new home and the customer service was excellent.

​Meribeth S.
Lancaster PA

My mother complained of heating issues and the other companies quoted $500 for repairs. Turns out it was a bad switch that cost $90 and Winter Home Services repaired it added a discount because my mother was a veteran

Jamie M., Lancaster, PA

I called Melvin because our furnace stopped blowing heat. He showed up about 35 minutes later. In no time he figured out the problem and now the furnace is back to running normal again. Thanks for saving the day once again for me. I will never use another HVAC company in my life.

Jack B., Lancaster, PA

Melvin has many years of experience in this industry. His specialized knowledge of the trade and the actual value of the services puts him in a unique position to save you a lot of money. Consult with Melvin whenever you have a need for home and property services.

Jimmy W., Lancaster, PA

Melvin is a war veteran and I served 25 years in the military, this young man installed a completely new unit in half the time and it has been working with no problems.

Aaron S., Litiz, PA

4 years ago my parents had an issue with one of their AC units and their contracted HVAC vendor explained the unit was shot and needed to be replaced. Melvin came in replaced a $50 part and the unit is still running great to this day. It's unfortunate to think some companies do this to people but they do! Get a second opinion, call Melvin!!

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